Is this the part where we tell you all our big plans?

We give you fluff like:

"Community Building"


"Apply for listings"

All of that is a given. We know you are smarter than the average degen, we are not going to infantilize you by holding your hand and reassuring you we are here to do the bare fucking minimum.

Simply put, we believe setting roadmaps on day 1 to be restrictive, reductive and really, really boring.

Those who trust in $DOGCOQ will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

But all you really want to hear is that "coin go up", don't you?

Rest assured we will be dedicated, day and night, to making $DOGCOQ famous.

Just understand that happens organically and we need to be able to adapt on the fly, by setting expectations we fail to meet or feeling committed to one pathway because we made a promise a month prior would be our suicide in such a quick and everchanging market.

We need to be quick on our feet and flexible when it comes to the the success of $DOGCOQ.

Keep an eye on our socials for all current updates.

Bare Minimum

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