💸$DOGCOQ Fair On-Chain Launch

Because we wield the powers of solidity at our fingertips, we decided to do an on-chain presale & launch all in one, right on TraderJoe. No Pinksale, no bullshit.

Here's how it went down.

  1. We launched the token, minted supply and provided liquidity on TraderJoe.

  2. Dexscreener or whatever site used showed $DOGCOQ at a marketcap of 115k, although the real marketcap is much lower. View this 115k as our presale cap.

  3. When you bought via TraderJoe, you were distributed tokens as if it were at 100k already. Meaning every last person who bought before a true 115k marketcap was reached, will be buying at the "floor price" and is buying at the same price per token. This works the same as any traditional presale would.

  4. Once the true marketcap matches the presale cap of 115k, the chart will begin trading as normal. We will have run a presale, reached max cap and launched instantaneously all within the magic of the $DOGCOQ contract.

  5. This means you can enter and leave the presale as you wish, leaving with 99% of the amount you came in with. Get cold feet? Wife asking too many questions? Let someone with a bigger COQ take your allocation instead.

  6. The price of $DOGCOQ will never fall below the presale marketcap of 115k as the AVAX gained during the presale will be locked in the contract, forever.

The marketcap is determined by the value of whatever 2500 AVAX is at the time, which at launch was 115k. So in other words, once 2500 AVAX enters the contract, normal trading begins.

The only fluctuation will be on the price of AVAX itself, meaning if it goes up, our marketcap floor goes up. If it goes down, our marketcap floor goes down. But given AVAX is destined for $1000 EOY 2024, we are bullish on our floor price.

No bullshit, no insider bags, no third parties, instant launch, solid floor price, opt-in and opt-out as you wish and all on-chain.

You are welcome.

Proof the Floor Price Works

9 hours after launch we briefly went over the 2500 AVAX threshold needed to begin trading the chart normally. We rose 1%, before whoever (likely bots) sold at a loss trying to scalp profits, sending us back to the floor price.

As you can see on this DOGCOQ/WAVAX chart (not the DOGCOQ/USD chart which is susceptible to AVAX fluctuations) the value of DOGCOQ has remained not a single decimal higher or lower than the starting price except for when we briefly left the "presale zone".

Those that buy at this floor are buying risk free for the lifetime of the DOGCOQ contract and can opt out at anytime they wish without affecting the value for the rest of the holders.

Because the liquidity is locked forever, you could come back in 1 year to claim your portion of the presale back at no cost to you. The only caveat is if AVAX is somehow at a lower price than it is now, so treat your DOGCOQ allocation as if you were holding AVAX in terms of risk. But we all know AVAX is destined for top 5, so we don't consider this any major long term issue.

In our opinion, that's a whole lot of upside for a risk free investment even if we never left the presale zone.

Enjoy that peace of mind, early buyers.

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